Enjoy Monferrato


On the day of collection of the Vespa, all the booked material will be delivered to you including the map which we will carefully explain to you.

If it is unusable to carry out the tour due to bad weather we will agree on another possible date to carry it out with better conditions.

We rent our Vespas to people over 18 years of age with a B license (obviously also with an A!) and with a minimum of experience in driving any scooter.

It’s not difficult as all our Vespas are automatic i.e. without gear.
Whatever the Vespa, due to its specific characteristics it is not suitable for learning to drive on two motorized wheels. For this reason we require a minimum amount of experience in driving a Vespa, a motorbike or any type of scooter before renting one of our Vespas.

We are not a driving school, but if you already have experience either in the past or on another type of scooter you have the possibility of doing test rides within our enclosure until you feel safe enough to go out on the public road. We will obviously explain all the functions of the Vespa and give you advice for safe driving.

You must bring with you your driving license, an identification document, a credit card (MASTERCARD or VISA) as a guarantee and the tour reservation. To drive our 125 cc Vespas a car license is sufficient.

Yes. We also offer you a raincoat to take with you in case of wind or bad weather – of course all included in the rental price.

Of course, you will be asked when booking. All our Vespas are approved for two people. The experience will be multiplied by two.

Each Vespa is equipped with a mobile phone holder to which you can attach your smartphone and thus use a navigation app.

You can arrive by train to Asti and from there take a bus to Grana.

Payment and Cancellation​

The reservation cancellation time is up to 48 hours in advance and you will be refunded.

Yes, it depends on availability on the day. Additional payment will be required on site.